The President and the Porn Star

       The President and the Porn Star

Arlene Bynon & John LeBoutillier analyze the Stormy Daniels vs. Donald Trump case: more than being salacious, is this matter a serious legal problem for the POTUS? Is it a campaign finance scandal more than a sex scandal? Where did the money really come from that was used to "hush" Stormy? Are there others who received payoffs? Is President Trump susceptible to being blackmailed? Why are Stormy Daniels and Vladimir Putin the only two people Trump never criticizes?


Unglued: The Turning Point Week

Arlene Bynon & John LeBoutillier examine the President's erratic and unpredictable behavior and ask: is this the result of the pressure from the Mueller Probe? Does this explain the confusion over "take the guns first and then do due process"? And the President denigrating his own Attorney General and calling him "Mr. Magoo" and his Deputy Attorney General "Mr. Peepers"? Why is Mr. Trump more agitated over the actor, Alec Baldwin, than he is over Russian President Putin's animated video depicting Russian warheads raining down on Florida? Is he, as his staff is saying in private, indeed coming "unglued"?


  Gunnin' For Change

Arlene Bynon & John LeBoutillier explore President Trump's reaction to the organic high school student movement that is growing as a result of the Florida shooting. Will it be enough to force the Political Class to change any laws? Will this movement last? Will President Trump lead on this issue - or will he end up just being an advocate for the status quo? In the Trump-Russia Investigation, are things accelerating now that 13 Russians have been indicted? Is Special Counsel increasing the pressure on Paul Manafort because Manafort has knowledge of something Trump did? Where is this investigation headed?


Which major American political party — and which president of the United States — does this describe?
1. The president, who is the leader of the party, is viewed by a huge swath of Americans as a liar;
2. Many of the promises he made in the recent presidential election have been reversed, forgotten or ignored by the president;
3. Many believe this president is actually enriching himself while in elected office;

4. Millions of American citizens — including young voters, women and minorities — are taking to the streets in huge protests against the administration;

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 We Are Under Attack

Arlene Bynon & John LeBoutillier analyze the testimony this week by President Trump's own intelligence chiefs who unanimously agreed the Russians are - yet again - attacking our election infrastructure right now. Why does the President continue to deny this? What is he hiding? What did Steve Bannon spend 20 hours this week talking to the Robert Mueller Team about? And what has Trump's Republican Party become? Do we even recognize it anymore? How has the Fox News Channel helped transform the once-fiscally-conservative, respectful-of-authority GOP into a debt-ridden, anti-law enforcement, pro-Putin party?


Everybody Loves A Parade

Arlene Bynon & John LeBoutillier examine the accelerating
Trump-Russia narrative, the plunging Dow Jones Index, the outlook for the November mid-terms, another possible White House staff shake-up and - yes - a National Military Parade.


Sculptures land in Florida
Work by sculptress Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, reared in a castle on Bergdorf Goodman’s site, known for “poor little rich girl” niece Gloria Vanderbilt and for founding the Whitney Museum, is now in West Palm Beach’s Norton Museum of American Art. The show, which took years to research, does Oyster Bay’s Coe Mansion near the family’s Old Westbury Gold Coast seat, then Newport, RI.
Writer Gregory Speck suggested mounting it in NYC’s Whitney, the museum she herself founded. A curator involved answered: “They do contemporary art. You think they’d be at all interested?”